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Room acoustic modelling

A building’s internal acoustics are key to its overall acoustic properties and are determined by its shape and volume, the location and sound power of each noise source (level, direction, etc), and the nature, quantity and positioning of absorbing materials on its walls.

Software tools for simulating internal acoustics are primarily aimed at the acoustics specialists responsible for the design and/or improvement of a building’s acoustics according to its intended use (workshops, offices, call centres, school canteens, buildings open to the public, etc.). Simulation offers a highly reliable method of validating technical solutions at minimal cost.

01dB offers CadnaR software which enables provisional calculations of a building’s acoustics to be made, taking into account all relevant parameters. With CadnaR, it is possible to assess the efficiency of noise reduction measures such as the rearrangement of fittings, the installation of noise barriers, absorbent coverings on walls and/or the ceiling, and changes in the level of noise emission by the different sources. This software package includes a library of more than 700 materials, a high-performance room modelling programme, and both 2D and 3D displays of the noise distribution inside the building.