Reverberation time

The acoustic characteristics of a building are determined by its shape and internal volume and by the nature, quantity and positioning of absorbing materials on its walls. A building’s reverberation time is an essential element in establishing its internal acoustic quality.

For site managers and architects, the reverberation time is an essential criterion. A reverberation time that is too long will result in increased noise levels, particularly in buildings used for industrial purposes or as school canteens, causing people to be exposed to excess noise levels. It also leads to sound being less intelligible, making it more difficult for a speaker to be understood by his/her audience. The same reading is also used to calculate standardised insulation between buildings.

01dB offers an effective solution to measure reverberation times, based on the FUSION Sound & Vibration Analyzer or DUO Smart Noise Monitoring, relevant accessories and the dBInside software package. In addition, CadnaR modelling software enables a building’s internal acoustic quality to be evaluated and potential improvements sought.