Sound insulation

Sound insulation is defined as the reduction of noise transfer between two buildings or between a building and its surroundings. Insufficient insulation may lead to conflict between neighbours and can cause health problems such as stress.

Architects, site managers, design offices and inspection departments use optimised construction methods to comply with the relevant regulatory requirements. To this end, in-situ measurements are essential so as to ensure that each wall meets the required specification. This involves the excitation of the wall using a sound source, in order to measure noise emission, reception and reverberation time. Together, these readings enable the wall’s standardised acoustic performance indicators to be calculated.

01dB offers a simple and comprehensive noise measurement solution based on the FUSION Sound & Vibration Analyzer or DUO Smart Noise Monitoring, relevant accessories and the dBInside software package. Acoustic performance information is available on insulation certificates intended for customers (architects, site managers, construction companies, etc).