City monitoring

Noise has become the primary source of environmental disturbance. In 2002, the European Union took decisive action in the form of directive 2002/49/CE relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise. Through the use of strategic noise mapping, every urban community must implement an action plan to combat noise pollution. The monitoring of noise levels in urban environments is therefore an essential factor.

Local elected representatives are faced with complex situations caused by the interaction of various urban noise sources including road, rail and industrial noise. In accordance with this directive, strategic decisions are taken based on the action plans. The implementation of an urban noise observatory enables:

  • action plans to be evaluated and validated over time
  • a baseline to be created, enabling monitoring over the long term
  • transparent communication with residents.

To cater for towns of any size, 01dB offers a range of flexible solutions, from the sale of turnkey projects based on the deployment of DUO smart noise monitors to the 01dB WebMonitoring 100% service. It has recognised experience in this field and has worked on projects in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Brussels and Lyon.