Construction site monitoring

The installation of a monitoring device for noise and vibration levels makes it possible to manage the impact of construction sites by:

  • meeting the requirements of the Public Health Code which sanctions the lack of appropriate precautions to limit noise and abnormally noisy behavior
  • embedding the site into a logic of environmental quality (HQE approach)
  • limiting noise and vibration nuisance in the interest of the comfort of local residents, enabling construction companies to adopt a logic of transparency and communication with local residents, to make them adhere to the project rather than to oppose them
  • providing the contracting authority with reliable and enforceable data in the event of an appeal.

01dB offers building professionals solutions tailored to each construction site. Companies have at their disposal metrological systems (DUO, CUBE, ORION, dB4…) accompanied by 01dB WebMonitoring services which provide the user with an assurance of optimum progress of the work site in terms of noise and vibratory nuisance and tools For the general public.