Industrial plant monitoring

Industrial sites are subject to regulations that limit sound and vibration levels at their perimeter and with regard to third parties. The taking of measurements at intervals remains one of the most frequently used methods of evaluating the noise and vibration levels of such sites.

However, in order to manage their impact on the environment, the industrial sector and its service providers (inspection departments, acoustics specialists, etc.) require further technical solutions in order to:

  • assess noise levels when a site is created or extended,
  • measure a site’s compliance with requirements over time, rather than at intervals,
  • to seek technical solutions to reduce noise and to forecast the efficiency of such solutions,
  • to monitor the development of initiatives that have been implemented,
  • to communicate with local residents regarding corrective actions undertaken and progress made.

In addition to standard instruments (such as sound level meters and forecasting software), 01dB offers a turnkey noise and vibration monitoring system, based on the DUO, CUBE, ORION or dB4 products. For a very reasonable investment, companies in the industrial sector can make use of this tool not only to monitor sound and vibration levels, but also as a factor in their communication campaigns.