Wind farm monitoring

Wind farms must be developed in such a way that they become a part of the environmental lanscape. To this end, public authorities use standards and regulations to impose limits on the noise levels generated by such installations.

In order to optimise the operation of wind farms whilst ensuring compliance with regulations, technical solutions are essential to enable equipment manufacturers, managers and service providers (inspection departments, acoustics specialists, etc.) to:

  • assess noise levels during the construction of a new site or the extension of an existing site
  • optimise the operation of the wind turbines according to weather conditions and impact on the environment
  • keep local residents informed of actions taken.

In addition to standard instruments (such as sound level meters and noise mapping software), 01dB offers a turnkey noise monitoring system, based on the DUO smart noise monitor and accompanied by high-performance 01dB WebMonitoring services. For a very reasonable investment, companies in the industrial sector can make use of this tool not only to monitor sound levels, but also as a factor in their communication campaigns.