Race circuit monitoring

Certain leisure activities, and motor sports in particular, are a source of elevated noise levels. They cause significant disturbance for nearby residents, particularly as such sites are being developed in increasingly densely populated urban areas.

The owners of motor sports circuits must comply with increasingly strict regulations and find ways to alleviate noise levels whilst remaining competitive. To do so, they depend upon measurements taken and recommendations drawn up by acoustics engineering offices, and require instruments in order to:

  • manage their activities in real time, in order to take action if the defined thresholds are exceeded,
  • carry out long-term analyses of the different noise levels generated by various operating conditions,
  • ensure transparent communication with residents,
  • have access to reliable data, should it be required.

01dB is already involved with a number of circuits, including Bresse, Var, Ledenon, Spa-Francorchamps, and offers solutions to suit circuits of all sizes.