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ECOTECH Product Familiarisation & Technical Training Day for 01dB & ACOEM in Lyon

The formation of the ACOEM Group’s new “Environment” business unit with stablemate companies 01dB and ECOTECH in June this year has created a strong and unique international team of environmental monitoring experts, products and services. Together, 01dB and ECOTECH provide the first globally integrated product and service offerings to monitor noise, vibration, air, water and dust in the environment.

In May, 01dB Business Unit Director, Stéphane Bloquet (pictured 4th from right) invited ECOTECH’s Senior Technical Specialist, Rhys Evans (pictured 6th from right) to visit ACOEM’s headquarters in Lyon, France to give 01dB and the ACOEM Group staff product training about ECOTECH’s flagship range of Serinus® gas analysers.

“An essential element of this partnership between 01dB and ECOTECH is for each company to fully understand each other’s product offerings,” said 01dB Business Unit Director, Stéphane Bloquet.

With this in mind, ECOTECH’s Senior Technical Specialist, Rhys Evans visited ACOEM’s headquarters in Lyon to deliver an in-depth technical training and product introduction day for ACOEM and 01dB team staff in May.

The training day saw Rhys introduce the ECOTECH Serinus® range of air quality monitors and provide a comprehensive overview of ECOTECH services, customers and expertise.

World first globally integrated offering of environmental monitoring products and services

Increased awareness of ECOTECH’s instruments and software provides 01dB and ACOEM with greater confidence to work together to meet customer needs on a global scale. In particular, training like this empowers 01dB and ECOTECH to offer customers fully integrated systems that deliver both noise and air quality monitoring solutions – a world first.

The familiarisation session was also an important opportunity to reinforce the strong working relationship between 01dB and ECOTECH Australian staff, helping ensure the businesses are aligned.

Rhys shared with his new French colleagues that he was “particularly impressed with the way the 01dB and ACOEM team welcomed [him]” and actively participated in the training making the day an overwhelming success.