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ORION: A Game Changer for Vibration Monitoring

Over the past 12 months, a revolution in the vibration monitoring landscape has emerged.

Launched in mid-2016, 01dB ORION Smart Vibration Monitoring Station is unlike any other vibration monitoring system in the world today. For the first time, consultants, construction industries and environmental agencies can monitor vibration on-site, in one stand-alone, portable instrument. Not only is the data gathered easily accessible, it’s also immediate and readily quantifiable.

Specialising in noise & vibration monitoring, 01dB has always placed emphasis on metrology, delivering the most accurate data possible to its global customers. In doing so, 01dB has earned a reputation for excellence for providing world-class monitoring instruments and integrated software that can manipulate large amounts of data and communicate faultlessly with servers.

New technology built on a foundation of expertise

By adding real-time capability and vibration monitoring functionality, 01dB has successfully designed a system that perfectly captures all required data to fulfil global environmental standards and regulations.

Complementing 01dB’s suite of noise monitoring instruments (DUO, CUBE and FUSION), ORION is the most advanced 01dB design to date. The first of its kind, ORION has raised the bar to set a new industry standard, revolutionising the way environmental vibration monitoring is captured and processed.

IP65 weatherproof and armour cased, the ORION is robust, water and dust-proof making it resistant to even the harshest weather conditions. Its aluminum casing is used in military applications and is designed to withstand mechanical stresses, including those made in human error.

ORION’s global footprint is expanding

Awareness of ORION’s capabilities is growing steadily, largely due to the dedication and tireless efforts of the 01dB team and 01dB distributors who are passionate about the noise and vibration monitoring solutions they deliver worldwide.

Government authorities and the construction industry have embraced ORION and the concept that this single, easy-to-use and highly portable product is the simple solution to all their vibration monitoring needs.

In a short space of time, ORION has been successfully integrated into a diverse range of construction projects with highlights that include Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom, France and Columbia.

01dB’s ORION measures vibration on-site, providing users with absolute real-time data & alerting them to anomalies & irregularities in the vibration environment.

A multitude of applications for vibration monitoring

From measuring vibrations in a cave in the province of Saraburi in central Thailand to help preserve 1000-year-old carvings at a Buddhist temple (Wat Tham Phra Phothisat) at the Prime Minister’s request, to ensuring that a new high-rise development in Bangkok was only being worked on during designated times, ORION has become the Thai Pollution Control Board’s environmental monitoring instrument of choice.

In Malaysia, 01dB has partnered with MMC-Gamuda KVMRT (PDP) Sdn Bhd, the Project Delivery Partner of the Mass Rapid Transit Corporation, using ORION to provide ongoing vibration monitoring for the MSungai Buloh–Serdang–Putrajaya MRT Line 2, a fully automated and driverless rail system that forms part of the larger rail transport system in the capital of Kuala Lumpur. It is also currently the largest railway project in Asia.

01dB has now released a 90-second promotional video that outlines the unique functionality of ORION, providing a succinct and easy introduction to 01dB’s latest monitoring solution.

For more information about ORION and 01dB’s suite of noise and vibration monitoring products, please contact us.