Vibration dosimeter

VIB vibration dosimeter coming along with dBMaestro software offers the suitable solution to assessing individual exposure to vibrations at the workplace, in compliance with European directive 2002/44/EC and many international standards. (ISO 8041 (2005), ISO 5349 (2001), ISO 2631 (1997)).


Occupational health

The VIB occupational vibration dosimeter is a portable, ergonomic, and very light instrument used to measure the occupational vibration, treat the signal, and transfer the stored data:

  • vibration levels in the  X, Y, and Z axis and daily dose of exposure A(8)
  • seat for whole body measurements and 3 adaptors for hand-arm measurements
  • accelerometer for SEAT measurement
  • signal recording, Spectrum calculation in 1/3 octaves
  • presence sensor for whole body measurements
  • battery life up to 16h

Wireless control

Using a notebook or a computer, you can setup the settings of the VIB, with the use of the dBA(8) software and control them in real time, enabling the user to monitor the measurements at a safe distance from the agents:

  • simultaneous control of diverse VIB dosimeters
  • beginning of the measurement: Auto Run – Turns on and off automatically or by the presence sensor of whole body measurements
  • signal recording: Manual and Automatic (trigger)
  • management of the measurement settings
  • recording of the measurement files
  • viewing in real time of the measured data
  • voice and written comments
  • languages: English, French and Portuguese

dBTrait-HV software

The dBTrait-HV for transference, analysis and printing of the measurement results:

  • in accordance with the standards ISO5349, ISO2631, NHO09, and NHO10
  • indication of the exposure, according to the European Directive 2002/44/EC and ACGH
  • calculation of the Dose of Global Vibration and by codified events
  • whole Body (occupational, comfort, and perception. Sitting, standing or lying down)
  • hand-arm
  • time histories of all the indicators
  • calculations of average values between the cursors
  • languages: English, French and Portuguese


  • hand-arms and whole body occupational vibration VIB dosimeter
  • built according to the standards ISO8041 (2005)
  • dBA(8) Software for monitoring at distance (for Tablet, or Computer)
  • dBMaestro Software for data post-processing ( results according to ISO2631-1 / ISO5349-2)
  • spectrum in real time (1/1; 1/3 octaves)
  • whole body triaxial seat accelerometer (18g) with a cable of 1.2m
  • hand-arm mini triaxial accelerometer with a cable of 2m and 3 standard mounting accessories
  • accelerometer with presence sensor
  • communication by Bluetooth and USB

Available packages

Kit VIB Expert: VIB occupational vibration dosimeter, whole body accelerometer for whole body measurements, hand-arm accelerometer, accelerometer for SEAT measurements, 03 hand-arm adaptors, Bluetooth key, certificates of conformity, USB cable, case.
dBA(8) and dBTrait-HV software, operating manual, interactive training.

Optional: calibration certificates, maintenance contract (technical support, hotline, trainings, etc.).


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