Data acquisition

dBTrig is the software program dedicated to the acquisition of sound and vibration data from the dB4 multichannel devices. It allows performing environmental measurements, mainly in monitoring projects.



Based on the short Leq measurement, dBTRIG includes unrivalled functionalities:

  • Simultaneous measurements of overall indicators (Leq, Lp, Ln…) and spectral indicators (up to 8 channels)
  • Advanced indicators: sliding Leq dose, PNL, PNLT, PPV, VDV
  • Set-up of complex thresholds
  • Recording of metrological signals on manual trigger or on threshold
  • Multiple coding
  • Multi-curve display…

The dB4 platform (4 measurement channels) associated with the dBTRIG software is included in the 01dB WebMonitoring offer dedicated to complex noise and vibration monitoring, such as that of building sites, industrial facilities or recreational activities.

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