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01dB and ECOTECH join Forces to Meet Global Demand for Integrated Noise & Air Quality Pollution Monitoring

ECOTECH Managing Director Nicholas Dal Sasso (pictured right) welcomes 01dB Business Unit Director Stéphane Bloquet to ECOTECH’s global headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

Clients around the world are demanding simpler, more efficient pollution monitoring solutions that provide insights to make better decisions sooner. 01dB and ECOTECH, brands within the ACOEM Group Environmental Business Unit, have joined forces to provide the first global integrated offering of products and services across noise, vibration, air, dust and water pollution monitoring.

There’s an age-old adage, “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. And when it comes to noise, vibration and air pollution, this adage is just as true whether it’s traffic inside a major city; operations within a construction site; or transportation and logistics at airports and seaports – where there’s noise and vibration pollution, there’s almost always air and dust pollution as well.

Despite this coexistence, in the past, clients have needed to employ a variety of suppliers, software and hardware to meet noise, vibration and air pollution standards and regulations. There has been no one single supplier helping to simplify their monitoring needs. Until now.

Stéphane Bloquet is the Business Unit Director of 01dB. 01dB hold contracts for monitoring noise and vibration pollution for cities, airports and construction sites across the world. In recent times, Stéphane has received an increasing number of requests from noise monitoring clients asking whether 01dB can also manage their air and dust monitoring requirements.

“Clients are searching for a single source solution. They don’t want to waste time managing multiple devices, or navigating various software products. They want insights so they can make fast, informed decisions,” said Stéphane.

It’s this demand for a simple solution that has resulted in 01dB and ECOTECH developing a unique global offering to simplify clients’ lives, with all their monitoring needs able to be met with one partner, within one product and service ecosystem.

Innovation to make life easier

FUSION Smart Noise and Vibration Analyser by 01dB pictured. 01dB’s FUSION shares its technology with DUO Smart Noise Monitor and CUBE Smart Noise Monitoring Station; together providing a complete solution for any noise and vibration monitoring requirement.

01dB and ECOTECH have begun to design, build and deliver new solutions together that will be simple and easy to use – merging a combined 70 years of knowledge and experience across noise, vibration, air and dust pollution monitoring.

“Our immediate focus is on merging the best of our technologies, across both hardware and software. For example, simply being able to see reporting of all pollution types on one dashboard would be a huge advantage to many of our clients,” said Stéphane.

Both 01dB and ECOTECH have a track record of innovation that delivers great value to the customer. Stéphane explains, “We share the belief that our goal is to create solutions that simplify our clients’ work, to help them be more productive and more effective.”

The leadership team of ACOEM, 01dB and ECOTECH recently gathered in Melbourne to further develop the integrated offering and share expertise across the newly formed global team.

Nicholas Dal Sasso, ECOTECH Managing Director, warmly welcomed the new team members and the opportunity to develop the integrated offering together. “We have forged a shared vision of how we can improve our client’s monitoring capability. Together 01dB and ECOTECH will be better placed than ever to help our clients satisfy their regulatory and voluntary environmental monitoring needs.”

Global and local expertise

With 01dB headquartered in Europe and ECOTECH based in Australia and India, the integrated offering of 01dB and ECOTECH is truly global. Both companies recognise it’s the local “on-the-ground” knowledge and strong customer relationships that are critical to delivering great customer experiences.

“We know how important it is to have the right expertise in each of our local regions. In Europe, 01dB will work with ECOTECH to train an air quality monitoring team. This will ensure we can meet the local needs of our clients,” said Stéphane.

A shared customer-focussed approach

With announcement of the merger between ACOEM Group and ECOTECH in February 2017, 01dB and ECOTECH also became stablemates in the Environmental Business Unit of ACOEM Group. With different but complementary product and service offerings, 01dB and ECOTECH have the opportunity to deliver an integrated single offering to new and established clients.

“Culture is king in any organisation and from the very beginning it became evident that despite operating on different sides of the world, 01dB and ECOTECH had a lot in common when it came to culture. We’re both very committed to helping solve our customer’s problems, and we’re both very proud to be helping our customers improve the environment for communities across the world,” said Stéphane.

Meeting client’s needs

“Clients want to anticipate problems, to have relevant information which helps them to communicate with publics and other stakeholders, they want to make evidence-based planning decisions. Most of all, they want to be able achieve all of this in a timely fashion and with ease. Together, 01dB and ECOTECH is uniquely placed to help achieve this,” summarised Stéphane.

About 01dB: Sound solution

01dB contributes to reducing noise and vibrations to levels complying with regulations or set out in sustainable development strategies. 01dB is aimed at the industrial sector, towns, transportation, the public works and construction sector, wind power and the leisure industry. 01dB is part of the ACOEM Group. Visit 01dB.com

About ECOTECH: Problem solved

Problem solving is in our DNA. For over 40 years ECOTECH has pioneered innovative solutions in environmental monitoring for air, water, gas, blast, particulate and dust. Headquartered in Australia, we now operate in more than 80 countries, manage over 440 real-time environmental monitoring sites and are certified to internationally recognised quality standards. ECOTECH is part of the ACOEM Group. Visit ecotech.com

About ACOEM Group: Reduce your environmental impact

In today’s fast-moving world, the environment is increasingly impacted. The ACOEM Group is committed to sustainable development and helping companies and public authorities limit their environmental impact. Across the world, ACOEM’s 670 employees innovate in the measurement, analysis and control of all environmental parameters through the 01dB, ECOTECH, ONEPROD, FIXTURLASER, MEAX and METRAVIB brands. Visit acoemgroup.com

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