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01dB contributes to reducing noise and vibration

01dB contributes to reducing noise and vibrations to levels complying with regulations or set out in sustainable development strategies. 01dB is aimed at the industrial sector, towns, transportation, the public works and construction sector, wind power and the leisure industry.


01dB CUBE 4G 


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ORION: A Game Changer for Vibration Monitoring!

ORION offers an unrivaled combination of technologies covering all vibrations created by human activity in the environment.  For the first time, consultants, construction industries and environmental agencies can monitor vibration on-site, in one stand-alone, portable instrument.


01dB Building Acoustics Is Back in Force!

Greater productivity and ever more efficient ergonomics.

Version 2.45: Not to Be Missed!

Discover the new 2.45 version of DUO and FUSION’s firmware.

With 3G FUSION, Look to the Future

The new 3G FUSION, always more connected and more powerful.

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