01dB is an Acoem brand

01dB became part of the Acoem group in 2012. As one of its foundation businesses, 01dB continued to trade under its original name until 2021.

At that time, a decision was made to retire all legacy brand names to unify the parent company’s offering. 01dB is the now the noise and vibration monitoring solution arm of Acoem.


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Different name, same excellence & innovation

We might not be known as 01dB anymore, but the principles and values that have always guided us remain as strong as ever. Our evolved range of superior and trusted noise and vibration monitoring solutions and our fully integrated software system – including 4G Fusion, 4G Cube, Duo, Orion, ACT-400 and the Cadence platform – are now available throughout the world in every Acoem location and via our network of hundreds of distribution partners.

For our global customers, this means more technical expertise coupled with a higher level of local knowledge in your market. It also means we leverage the expansive research and development capabilities of the extended Acoem group – including our industrial reliability division with its advanced Artificial Intelligence experience – to learn, adopt, share and evolve.

Leveraging the power of Acoem

Being part of Acoem has allowed us to pursue more innovative solutions, explore better options for connectivity of our sensors, partner with other companies and extend our suite of instruments and software.


We continue to focus on listening to our customers and addressing their individual needs. Our commitment to innovation guides us to look at new ways of protecting the acoustic environment and preventing excessive noise and vibration pollution from affecting people and the planet. Importantly, we adhere to one of Acoem’s core philosophies which is ‘to do more with less’ – offering our customers cost effective ways to extend the lifecycle of their equipment and avoid wastage and landfill by repurposing, upgrading and retrofitting of components.


With all our devices connected via our Cadence software platform, there is no need for additional training or learning of new software. Just turn on your equipment, connect and access your data seamlessly from any enabled, secure device.

Service, calibration & repairs

As the people who designed and created our instruments, we are best placed to maximise their lifecycle and ensure that they operate at their optimal capacity. For this reason, we take great care when servicing and maintaining your devices, including annual or biennial calibrations as well as software upgrades and retrofits of communication protocols to keep them technologically up to date.


One of the major benefits of Acoem as a single entity is that you now have a choice when it comes to meeting your servicing needs. Our Service & Calibration Centre at Acoem Australasia in Melbourne provides the same technical expertise and training as our France centre, so our Southern Hemisphere customers have a service centre and professional advice closer to home.

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